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IoT Advisory Group provides advisory services for mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and divestitures for digital transformations.   We identify technologies and platforms to launch digital applications, define the business model, and drive business transformation to create a differentiated value in the new connected economy.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


At IoT Advisory Group, we believe AI will disrupt traditional business models by making the connected workplace intelligent.   Our staff combines a broad set of skills to guide you through the technology, application, and partner transformations for a digital business.  We will guide you through the definition of your digital strategy, the design of your digital go-to-market model, and identify the right partnerships to deliver your IoT solutions to the market. 


As an Executive in Residence at Silicon Catalysts and Plug & Play we are continuously assisting emerging AI and IoT companies develop their unique value proposition, shape their monetization schemes, solidify funding strategies and introduce the right VCs to help establish a sustainable & profitable business for the long run.  Do you want to know how we do it? 

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Keynote Speaking

Our team is on a mission to share how AI topologies and IoT deployments are changing digital business models.  Our team members are asked to keynote at business, corporate meetings, and conferences showcasing the future of AI and IoT.  Are you planning on a business meeting, conference or seminar and IoT is a core component?  

We’d love to speak at your next conference. 

Our Story

Founded by Stephen DiFranco, a global sales & go-to-market Executive at Lenovo, HP, and Broadcom, IoT Advisory Group provides advisory, consulting, incubation, and keynote presentations to companies planning a digital business model based on IoT services and solutions.


Stephen served as VP & GM of Broadcom Ltd.’s IoT business unit where his team was responsible for creating the next generation of IoT connectivity products, the WICED IoT platform, and the Broadcom IoT partner ecosystem.  Leading one of the largest IoT businesses, DiFranco had the opportunity to influence the design and development of IoT platforms, promote IoT standards and work with the leading IoT companies including Nest, FitBit, Samsung, HPI, and about 200 other IoT based companies.


In 2016 DiFranco led the sale of Broadcom’s IoT business to Cypress Semiconductor in a $550M transaction. 


After the sale of Broadcom’s IoT BU to Cypress, DiFranco launched the IoT Advisory Group.  The group focuses on helping large tech companies establish their digital business strategies, identify IoT acquisition opportunities, and the development of IoT Business Unit strategies.  He serves as an Executive in Residence at Plug & Play and is part of the Advisory Committees for four funded start-up companies based in the Bay Area.


DiFranco speaks frequently at industry events on the opportunities for AI and IoT in industries and its impacts on markets, business models, and global economics.

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